Hailing from Bozeman, Montana, Purple Erkel is an upcoming producer that brings a refreshing sound to the music industry. At a young age, Purple knew that music was his passion. “As long as I can remember back ~ music is the one thing in my life that is completely constant Everything else comes and goes, fades in and out except my love for music. Ever since I was little I’veĀ been obsessed with making music. I remember back in grade school getting sent to the principal’s office several times for what I called a desk drum set” He recalls.

Inspired by the likes of Biggie, Tupac, Rage Against The Machine, Purple Erkel incorporates his wide musical taste into his music. Purple Erkel is one of those producers you can recognize from the jump – he utilizes a unique collection of sounds that is both muted and aggressive. “I also have a really creative usage of sound. My creative usage of sound makes people ask stuff like did I just hear a bird chirp or where you get that fog hom? I also tweak
most of my instruments into my own custom style that makes it more unique.” He explains. He brings innovation and color to the rap game. Purple Erkel’s ear and versatility know no bounds, and because of that his future looks bright.